elemental experience

6 05 2009

p10206003and an experience it was. especially for my first time ever displaying my  art anywhere. i have to admit i was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing at first. i didn’t feel ready. i didn’t feel good enough. i almost didn’t do it. but i am all sorts of happy i did. when brian and i arrived, it was a little intimidating. movers and shakers speeding by you with arms full of amazing talent. everybody quietly sizing each other up. luckily we had a game plan and executed it flawlessly. the set-up was perfect, the paintings hung, the music roaring, the supplies ready. all  that was left were the people. my worst nightmare, a crowd of people quietly judging my work therefore judging me. i prepared myself for the  barrage of negative criticism i thought was coming. but in fact, it was  quite the opposite. with the event slowly getting underway, the workers and volunteers were the first to peruse the artist village. to my surprise i received nothing but compliments of my work. and the trend continued throughout the day. i can’t say enough about the community and their kind words. i am forever grateful to everyone that stopped by my booth, the family and friends that came to give their support, and to stay classy for giving me this opportunity. the support and professionalism they showed quickly cemented them as an organization i will always want to work with. with the day winding down, we start to pack up our things. it is almost over. at least i thought it was. schugar comes to my tent and tells me the good news. my piece won the contest. yes, the contest piece that was getting praised throughout the day. the contest piece that got me a couple of interviews. my first show, my first contest, and i come out the victor. it felt good. we walk my 4′ x 8′ painting through a sea of people, trying to make my way backstage. i get back there and am given some instructions. i go up on stage after the fashion show. great, my second worst nightmare. public speaking. the longer i wait in back the more nervous i get. i start to pace. even the line of beautiful women making their way to the catwalk can’t get my mind off the fact that i have to speak in front of all these people. i’m up, here we go. we take my piece on stage. the dj announces me as the winner of the contest. the crowd roars.  probably cheering because drunk people like to cheer. i take it anyways. i walk off the stage relieved. and that’s it. after i load my things the night is over for me. i say my goodbyes to my new found friends from the other booths and head home. i’ve got work at 6am.





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