its been a while

20 10 2009

ok, it is entirely my fault that i haven’t posted anything in quite a few months. i’ll admit that. but it is for good reason though. i have been extremely busy these days. i am definitely not used to wearing this many hats, but i kinda like it. the shows have kept coming and coming, and the response from everybody has been overwhelming. but i do need to start fine tuning all of the other aspects of what i do. this site for example. how can i hand out a business card with this site on it and not update my shit? it’s only gonna hurt my over all goal. so from this point on things are gonna change. i hope.

so there are a lot of new works in the works. i definitely feel i am evolving as an “artist.” more thought, emotion, stories, experiences, fears and such have been making their way into my work. but still, a lot of my pieces are focused around the opposite sex. probably because women are a big part of who i am and why i am. anyways, keep an eye out for me. i’ll be around. cheers.




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