sd appreciation 101

25 03 2010

san diego is a very fickle city. this troubles me as an up-and-coming artist, and as a born and raised san diegan. there is such a lack of culture here. let me take that back, because there is tons of culture here. there is a definite lack of appreciation for what san diego has to offer. this may have to do with the fact that a good amount of our residents are out-of-towners stopping by on leave, for school, for the summer, or stationed here and will soon be gone in a few years. so there is no time to look around because the focus is on getting fucked up by the beach in between classes. or maybe, because we are so close to los angeles, our fair city doesn’t measure up according to popular media. whatever the reason i think it is a time for change. (how obama of me!) and this can be a change that will benefit everyone.

local businesses: when it comes to mom and pops shops, local restaurants etc, san diego has some of the best. we should spread the love when we go do this and go try that. how many of you can say you drove 20 minutes to saigon restaurant in city heights because they quite possibly have the best pho in town? or to the armory in downtown to buy clothes made by local artists?

music: there are a ton of talented musicians and dj’s in san diego. but be careful because there are a lot of terrible one’s out there too. some of my favorite shows have been the smaller ones. i am by no means telling you to stop listening to popular music. but rather, broaden your horizons and give the lil guy a chance. you might like it. and there is no better feeling to a musician or dj than to see a full crowd. your support helps fuel their dream.

night-life: you can throw a rock in any direction from anywhere in san diego and hit a great bar. instead of going to the same ol place, try somewhere new in another part of town. i’ve been to bars all over this city and i can honestly say you don’t need to go to the swankiest place to have a good time. to be fair, we all like a night out at a posh venue every once and awhile. yes, even me. but i can’t afford $15 drinks every night. i’m poor son!! plus, a good time is measured by the company you keep. not who sees you out and about.

arts: there is a great amount of talent hidden here. hidden very well. a little to well. we need to start bringing it to the forefront. everybody loves art. and the styles, subject matter, mediums and artists run the gamut. we need to support our local artists as best we can. we can do this by buying work, hiring for projects, attending openings and events, referring to others and so on. and i’m not only saying this because i fancy myself a painter either.

street fairs & walks: there is always something happening on the streets. art walks, mini fairs, farmers markets, cultural festivals etc. remember, san diego is a melting pot. experiencing new cultures can be very exciting and a great way to break out of the norm.

i hope i am not sounding preachy or anything because that is definitely not my intent. i have no room to be because i frequent some of the trendiest places around town myself. but what i do have is an appreciation for everything else san diego has to offer. again, this is my city and i love every part of it. now, you are not going to love every place you go, every band you see, every opening you attend or every street you cross. but you also will never know what else is out there if you don’t leave p.b. cheers.




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