bio michael briones was born in 1982 in san diego california, aka the nicest part of mexico. he grew up always knowing, or better yet wishing, he would live a life immersed in the arts. so at a young age he made a decision he knew would effect the rest of his life. and it was an easy one. to live the life he wanted, pursuing his greatest passion, knowing full and well it could be a life made of struggle and compromise. but the opportunity to convey his own voice and vision would undoubtedly be worth it.

michaels initial studies were in the fine arts from jr high throughout high school. his biggest influences derived from the works of edgar degas and henri de toulouse-lautrec. giving him a strong appreciation of value, line, typography and composition. after escaping from a trade school posing as an art school, his fine art skills and limited contemporary design skills translated into his current style of work. most of his works are created from personal experience expressed through message driven concepts. his main goal is to evoke feelings from what you see and not from what you are looking at (if that makes any sense).

the road has been long and hard for the aspiring artist. the dream crushed and resurrected sporadically throughout the years. in 2007 he decided enough was enough. it’s do or die. he started to focus more and more on his art, his path and his plan. in may of 2009, at the elemental experience art and music festival, michael briones presented his work along side of 40 other artists. the event was a fundraiser held by stay classy, a non-profit organization, raising money for the construction of a homeless shelter for the abandoned youth in san diego. it was a great opportunity to network with other artists, helping solidify his name in the ever-growing san diego art community.


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4 12 2009
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